Images of Disaster From Nepal

May 1, 2015

See photos as Samaritan's Purse brings aid to earthquake survivors.

Above: Dr. Lance Plyler, head of the Samaritan's Purse medical team, treats patients at a mobile clinic in a remote village.


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Dr. Lee McCluskey, the team’s orthopedic surgeon, worked with Nepalese doctors to conduct operations at Anandaban Hospital in Kathmandu.


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Military are searching the area for survivors and to pull bodies from the rubble.


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A man holds onto pictures of his wife and child who were killed during the tragic earthquake that hit his home in Nepal.


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The newly homeless take refuge from the rain wherever they can. The monsoon season hasn't begun yet, but some locals are saying that monsoon-like rains are coming early as part of a superstition connecting to the earthquake.


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Prashant Singh, 17, stands in the spot where his grandmother died in the earthquake. She was eating breakfast on the morning of April 25, when her house crumbled. “She was beautiful and she loved me very much and my sister,” he said.


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“I ran to the village with tears in my eyes. I could barely open them because of tears,” Kumari said. When the quaking began, she fled her job at the hospital to the village to find her son and daughter. Now she, her two children, and elderly mother are living in a government building because their home is destroyed. “I have nothing left, but I’m happy that my family is safe.”


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Thousands of families have been sleeping in tents outside either because their homes are destroyed or they are terrified that the aftershocks will cause their homes to fall down on top of them. It has been raining frequently, and some people don't have any other option but to sleep out in the wet mud.


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Disaster response team drove four hours into remote mountainous villages to the northwest of Kathmandu to identify families in need of help.

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