The Meaning of 'Samaritan'

January 9, 2014

by Peter Wright, Disaster Assistance Response Team member

A divine appointment with our team in the Philippines results in two children who were orphaned after Typhoon Haiyan (known locally as Yolanda) finding loving care.

We had two orphaned children dropped on our doorstep at the office this morning—a young girl and her older brother.

Their mother died in the floods resulting from Yolanda, and they had been living alone on the streets since the typhoon hit in November. For the last 12 days, they had been living behind City Hall, eating very little.

A woman who passed by saw them there and brought them with her down the street. She didn’t know anything about our organization, but she saw the sign “Samaritan” out front and believed that we would help them. She was in tears about the children’s condition. They were so small and covered in dirt.

I think it speaks volumes that people would see our sign and think, “Okay—‘Samaritan’—these people will not turn us away when we need help.”

 Our staff were indeed eager to help in whatever way we could. We made sure the kids were fed and in good care, and we’re continuing to track with them and assist wherever we can.