Baptized into the Kingdom of God

January 9, 2015

by Joell Friesen, business developer with the Beer-Sheba project

A letter from a Samaritan’s Purse partner in Senegal describes how a one-year agricultural internship program is having a spiritual impact on interns and community members alike.

To all our faithful praying friends,

I wanted to share our gratefulness for the myriad ways you have all been a support on our journey here in Senegal. Today was a very special day and it really made us appreciate the community we have become a part of and of the exciting ways God is moving in this land.

Since our first group of interns began meeting for Sunday morning services in 2012, we have always been praying that it would birth into something meaningful in the surrounding communities as well.  As time passed, the meetings became a growing event and many people from the surrounding communities are now coming for Sunday morning services.

And today—what great excitement—we had nine individuals baptized! We had a couple of our interns from this year’s class, and then young and old alike from the surrounding communities make a public profession of their desire to walk in the love and grace that our Heavenly Father so generously provides.

Please praise God with us and hold these newly baptized brothers and sisters up in prayer as they have taken this bold step.

Thank you again for all your prayers and the many ways you show us your support!