The power of His provision - and being a part of it

December 18, 2013

by Karen Dyck, Household Water Program Regional Manager - Africa

A staff member experiences God’s power in providing for a community through rainfall and a Samaritan’s Purse reservoir

The region of Tana River, in Kenya, was slammed by the Horn of Africa Drought in 2011—one of the worst droughts in years. Many villages are still completely parched.

Although Samaritan’s Purse installed massive 10,000 liter water tanks to provide water for communities, many women and children were still walking up to 20 kilometers a day to fetch a jerry can of water from those tanks.

Canadians are helping us respond to the crisis.

Their donations and prayers are equipping us to construct a number of massive water reservoirs. These reservoirs can hold millions of liters of rainwater and can sustain communities through the difficult months of the dry season.

One day, I visited a community where we dug a reservoir.

The sky overhead darkened menacingly as we evaluated the work we had completed. The village leader finally interrupted the delegations—the rain would soon be upon us, he warned.

Sure enough, the rain began to fall. We ran for cover in the truck and took off down a road that was quickly becoming a small lake.

As I looked back, I saw the gift God had given our team—the incredible opportunity of seeing the reservoir we labored over fill with live-saving water for the community.

I was later told that the village had received only one other rainstorm in the last year. But God had opened the heavens wide when we could witness the power of His provision.

What an amazing experience!

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