The voices of those you’ve helped

December 17, 2013

Hear about the impact of your gifts from the mouths and hearts of those who received them

Every year, millions of people have their desperate needs met because of Canadians like you. With the gifts you purchase through our 2013 Gift Catalog, you not only give in the name of your loved ones—you also give in the Name of Jesus Christ. For in Jesus’ words, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40, NIV).

Below, read some of our brothers’ and sisters’ expressions of gratitude and excitement as they describe the power of your generosity.


     Share The Gospel           “We believe in the One, true, Almighty God...We are finished with worshipping mountains and trees.

We are now controlled by Christ.” – Tamba, Liberia

 Give A Water Filter

 “I thank the Lord every day for my filter!” – Magdalene, Costa Rica


“God rescued me from the pit when I was completely alone and weak. Since getting a filter, sickness is something of the past for me and my family.” – Anne, Kenya


“I’m looking forward to having my soil recover from the damage from using [too much] commercial fertilizers all these years, and get an even better and healthier yield!” – Charlie, Philippines


Start A Small Business 

“I promise to remain in school until I fulfill my dream to help my community.” – Patience, Liberia


 Support A Medical Clinic

"I am so happy that now my son can walk, which I had never imagined," Bandhu, Nepal


“What I studied here is quite different from what I did in home deliveries, ranging from umbilical cord cutting and handling, to caretaking after the birth. Listening to the trainer’s lectures, I know what to do now.” – Lu, Vietnam

  Emergency Kits

“We realized there are people who take care of others,” – Bidwan, Nepal


 Operation Christmas Child

“I give thanks to God…for using the lives of all the people who, even though they don'tknow us, prepared all of those beautiful presents for us. My favorite things are the pencils for school and thelittle cars. I pray that God would always bless you a lot.” – Alexis, Paraguay


Please join us in blessing more hurting people this Christmas. Your gifts through our Gift Catalog will change lives for years to come. Thank you for your generosity and God bless!