A skipping rope brings health and hope

February 29, 2016

A girl receives the gift she desperately needs in an Operation Christmas Child shoebox

A teenager in Guinea, West Africa, has hope for a healthy future because of a simple, gift-filled shoebox packed by a Canadian like you.

Just 14 years old, the young girl was experiencing medical complications and heavy weight gain. The doctor’s remedy was to skip rope, but the teenager’s family couldn’t access the simple item—until the local church arranged an Operation Christmas Child shoebox distribution in her community.

Inside a specially-wrapped shoebox gift just for her, the girl was overjoyed to find the skipping rope she desperately needed. Even more than a toy, this gift offered her hope and a future, all because of people like you!

This year, please pack more shoeboxes, so that more children will receive the gift of a smile and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Click here to get started!