Carrying Shoe Boxes and Serving Others

May 2, 2013

by Kara Boda, Communications Advisor

Women in Haiti selflessly carry shoe boxes through a mountain range.

By Kara Boda, Communications Advisor


Let me share a story with you about serving:

Long before the sun rises over the mountains of Haiti, a small team of Samaritan’s Purse nurses awakens for a much-anticipated journey. The destination is a remote mountain community, tucked far behind the rolling hills. There, a multitude of excited children await their gift-filled shoe boxes.

Fifteen mules are loaded down with everything they can carry on the trip, but there are still six cartons of shoe boxes that need to be transported. A solution is found when six gracious local women volunteer: they will carry the cartons on their heads.

One woman hikes a grand total of four hours, equipped with only flip flops and a rope to guide the mule. She doesn’t even pause for water. With the help of these women, 550 gifts of love are given to children in the depths of the Haitian mountain range.

I am struck by this story. As someone who grew up in North America, I would never have considered offering to carry the shoe boxes myself on such a mountainous trek. The selfless service of these six women humbles me.

What is your carton of shoe boxes today?

Take a moment and be still. Do you feel the Lord drawing you to serve somewhere in a way you haven’t considered? Or perhaps prompting you to give in a way you don’t feel inclined? Allow the Spirit of God to minister to your heart today.

Lord, humble our hearts to give of ourselves and serve, that Your kingdom might be advanced, Your will be done, and You be glorified!