Equatorial Guinea - Malabo Distribution

March 19, 2014

Samaritan's Purse distributes Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes in Equatorial Guinea.

Shoeboxes from Canada and Spain made their way to thousands of children in Equatorial Guinea. Thank you for your partnership in reaching these children in Jesus name!

Equatorial Guinea - Malabo Distribution #1:

Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea 1 Malabo Distribution 1

Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes await their distribution in Malabo in Equatorial Guinea, Centeral Africa.


Equatorial Guinea 2 Malabo Distribution 1


Equatorial Guinea 3 Malabo Distribution 1


Equatorial Guinea - Bata Distribution #2

 Equatorial Guinea 14 Bata Distribution 2

There were over 100 kids at this distribution! It was great to hear the children sing and see their joy when they opened their gift! The story of Christmas and the love of Jesus came to this village today! 

Equatorial Guinea 15 Bata Distribution 2 


Equatorial Guinea 17 Bata Distribution 2

Here are some of the Canadian shoeboxes that were sent over! 


Equatorial Guinea Waiting For Their Shoeboxes Distribution Malabo 2 


Equatorial Guinea 16 Bata Distribution 2


Equatorial Guinea 5 Malabo Distribution 2


Equatorial Guinea - Malabo Distribution #3

Equatorial Guinea 6 Distribution Malabo 3

It was raining like crazy when we were there, and this was supposed to be the dry season! It was very muddy and humid - it was like a sauna in that small church! The little Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes shine brightly in situations like these!

 Equatorial Guinea 7 Distribution Malabo 3


Equatorial Guinea 8 Cars

This boy came with an empty Cars movie-themed backpack. Guess what was in his shoebox? Yep, a Cars book and at least 3 cars!


Equatorial Guinea - Bata school Distrubtion #4

Equatorial Guinea 13 Distribution Bata School

This was a great little school, well organized, kids singing and having fun. Then came the Christmas story - the greatest gift of all. Then a little gift to remind them God loves them. Again a little humble gift can mean so much in situations where they have so little.

Equatorial Guinea 10 Distribution Bata School


Equatorial Guinea 9 Distribution Bata School


Equatorial Guinea 11 Distribution Bata School

Equatorial Guinea 12 Distribution Bata School

Photos by Rick Lamothe, International Regional Director for West and Central Africa for Samaritan's Purse