Meeting Anita

June 17, 2013

by Roxanne Weinheber, Member of an Operation Christmas Child Distribution Team

A Canadian meets a special girl during an Operation Christmas Child shoe box distribution event.

By Roxanne Weinheber, Member of an Operation Christmas Child Distribution Team

On my trip to Costa Rica with Operation Christmas Child, I met amazing people and today, I’d like to introduce you to one of them.

Meet Anita. This beautiful little girl was born with severe leg deformities, and doctors told her she would never walk or play like other children.

Meeting AnitaPhoto

When she was two years old, Anita was brought to an incredible Costa Rican family who has a heart for orphans. So far, they’ve adopted 41 children in need of a family!

They took Anita to doctors and hospitals, and finally, the little girl was sent to the United States for surgery. By the grace of God, Anita can walk and run today. Like her 40 siblings, who receive loving and compassionate care from their adoptive parents, Anita has an opportunity to live a normal life.

When I met Anita, our team had arrived to distribute shoe boxes to her family.

It was amazing to watch all these children open their boxes. They were so excited about everything they received. Even with the simplest things, like soap, hair clips, pencils, and socks, they would shout out, "Mama, mama look what I have!"

What a difference there is between a child in North America who takes the gift of an iPhone for granted, and a child in a developing nation, who becomes excited over a simple, gift-filled shoe box packed with toys and items from the dollar store.

For anyone who has packed a box, you are amazing!

If you packed one box last year, try packing two this year. If you packed two, try three! Each one of these boxes is very appreciated and brings so much joy to underprivileged children.  

God bless each and every one of you who pack a box. And for those who haven’t, I hope that one day, you will experience the blessing that comes through this ministry.