"She was unstoppable": a tribute to Gretta Jones

November 12, 2013

by Kara Boda, Communications Advisor

A 91-year-old woman leaves a legacy of generosity through her commitment to Operation Christmas Child.

When Gretta Jones died this September, the 91-year-old woman left a legacy of generosity.

You see, Gretta loved blessing children. HHer inspiring commitment to pack Operation Christmas Child gift-filled shoeboxes was no secret to family, friends, and even casual acquaintances.

Every season of the year was shoebox packing season for Gretta. Each January, brightly colored pencils, rulers, notepads, and other gift items would begin to fill her home.

Gretta faithfully packed shoeboxes for more than a decade. And as she grew older, this generous soul conscripted more and more people to help. Her hope was that each box, packed with loving care, would help a child come to know the love of Jesus.

At her peak, Gretta filled around 250 shoeboxes a year. And each year, 250 hurting children experienced hope, joy, and God’s love because of her generosity.

This fall, Gretta died after four days in the hospital. One of the last things she shared was her desire to buy more gifts. It was no surprise to family and friends when, after she had passed away, they discovered 125 partially-packed shoeboxes already prepared for this Christmas season.

In the words of Gretta’s grandson, Mark:

“She was unstoppable.”