VIDEO: Shoeboxes of Joy in Costa Rica - Pastors trip

November 3, 2015

Some Canadian pastors traveled with us to Costa Rica to help distribute gift-filled Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, and see the impact of our voluntary “The Greatest Journey” Bible study program for children and families that received shoeboxes. Here are four pastors’ responses to that experience.



The pastors also saw first-hand how Operation Christmas Child and our The Greatest Journey ministry is bringing children to Jesus in Costa Rica and all around the world.



“This trip has allowed me to see the ‘A’ to the ‘Z’ of the whole operation. Now I know that these shoeboxes we put together—it’s more than just a gift. It’s more than just the pieces that are inside the box. It’s really tied to a greater purpose called sharing the gift of the Gospel . . . I challenge pastors across Canada to get involved in Operation Christmas Child, to encourage your congregation to fill boxes.”

 Pastor Dale Betts, Moncton Wesleyan Church, Moncton, NB



“I want to tell my church the impact The Greatest Journey program has for the children because when the children come, many of the children don’t go to church at all, and they were being invited by some of their peers, and for them to come and hear about Christ, it is something that really changes their lives because they start to share that with other people—their families and their community. To see one child sharing that with another person, that’s the Kingdom. That’s the Kingdom work we’re called to do.”

Pastor Eileen Li, North Shore Pacific Grace MB Church, Vancouver, BC



“On the front lines, there are lots of workers. There are people here (where shoeboxes are distributed) who are willing to spread the Gospel and share the Good News. We have more of a responsibility at home to empower them to do that. I’ve seen children whose worlds have just been so opened up by the Gospel being shared with them. The shoebox is just a way to reach them. It’s the open door to their communities. The Gospel is being shared to the children, and the children are sharing it to their families.”

Pastor Leslie Roos, Penticton Vineyard Church, Penticton, BC



“The shoebox is more than just a shoebox . . . there is this whole The Greatest Journey (Bible study program) behind it, this whole discipleship and evangelistic process behind it that the least we could do is increase our (donated) boxes. Since I’ve been on this trip, my mind has been just blown wide open . . . seeing the impact it has on the child . . . there is no better way than to see a child go through, receive a box,  be discipled, and go and share faith in parts of the world that we may never go ourselves.”

Pastor Vincent Chan, Vancouver Chinese Pentecostal Church,Vancouver, BC

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