You had to be there

August 29, 2013

by Roxanne Weinheber, Shoebox distribution team member

"To all of you who have ever packed a box, thank you. Your kindness and compassion are changing lives."

By Roxanne Weinheber, Member of an Operation Christmas Child Distribution Team

My, oh my, oh my. What a day!

We spent most of it at a school where we distributed 600 gift-filled shoe boxes, and it was one of the most amazing scenes I have ever witnessed. At one point, I even had to walk away to hide my tears and emotions. To see the happiness the boxes brought to the children was incredible!

With each box, the gift of God’s love was also shared. Each child that received a shoe box was also offered a children’s book that shared the Gospel in their language and the opportunity to participate in a discipleship program called "The Greatest Journey." To see a child’s faith and prayer of thanksgiving for the people who packed these boxes was a blessing.

One child, in particular, grabbed my attention. He was crying, and one of the ladies in our group asked his teacher what was wrong. The teacher replied that the little boy was an orphan and this was the very first gift he had ever been given.

Can you believe it?

To all of you who have ever packed a box, thank you. Your kindness and compassion are changing lives. Through Operation Christmas Child and its partners around the world, children are learning about God and the gift of giving.

While I watched the children open their gifts, I felt challenged to live more simply, rather than working to build up riches that mean nothing in the end. I was encouraged to live for the purpose of loving and serving others, too. The gift of love costs nothing, and the rewards are far beyond our imaginations!

This trip was such a humbling experience. It will linger in my heart for a lifetime.

Dios les bendiga (God bless).