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Fundraising Ideas

There are lots of fun events you can do with family and friends to have a great time together and raise money for a good cause.

A themed dinner party

Share our water videos with your friends and invited guests.

A football, softball, golf event, etc.

Get others involved and raise awarenesss for the water crisis.

A film night

Provide drinks and popcorn and people pay an entry fee. Share our water videos with your friends and invited guests.

Water flash mob

Encourage your children’s youth group, sports team, class room or other community group to use Twitter/ Facebook to organize a fun water-themed flash mob.

Sing for water

If you are a member of a singing group, why not encourage them to organize a performance for the community, singing songs with water or walking related themes?

You might want to make more of this event by including other activities such as a drama, cake sale, and more. You can sell tickets or take up an offering for Samaritan’s Purse Water Projects at the end of the event.

Next Steps

As a next step, download a payment form to give money to our clean water project or click here to start your online campaign!

Whatever you're planning, we're happy to help. Please call us on 1-800-663-6500 or email us at info@samaritan.ca

Raise money for clean water!

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