Canadian donations bringing help, hope to Ebola survivors

Samaritan’s Purse developing leaders, teaching vocational skills

Ebola See MoreRemember Ebola?

The virus’s deadly spread in several West African nations made headlines in 2015, especially when two American healthcare workers were infected. They recovered, the epidemic was finally conquered, and the world moved on.

Except in the developing nation of Liberia.

There, the virus wiped out entire villages en route to killing more than 4,800 people. Liberia’s healthcare system was overwhelmed, families were shattered, long-held traditions (such as washing the bodies of dead family members) had to be abandoned, and many thousands of Liberians were deeply traumatized.

Samaritan’s Purse, which has long been active in Liberia, has taken all that into account as we resume the development work that stopped when Ebola took hold.

“We got through Ebola, but it’s still part of what we’re doing,” said Kendall Kauffeldt, Samaritan’s Purse’s Liberia Country Director.

“Everything we do is focused somehow on the fact we’ve been through Ebola. We also recognize that because of Ebola, there was tremendous trauma throughout the country. There’s a need to focus on that, so most of our activities include trauma recovery.”

Among the new projects that donations from people like you are making possible is:

  • Overseeing construction of a new hospital. It’s scheduled to open in September and will have a ministry focus.
  • Teaching leadership skills to Christians, Muslims and others. The lessons are based on the leadership characteristics of Jesus Christ. According to Kendall, developing community leaders is vital in case another epidemic happens.
  • Project Ruth, which provides support to Ebola survivors and widows. “Many of them haven’t gone to school,” Kendall said. “So we teach them business skills and provide capital so they can start their own businesses.” We also provide food and trauma counselling.
  • Project Light, which is mobilizing 27 Liberian churches and mosques to educate communities on Ebola and gender-based sexual violence. About 270 religious leaders have already been trained.
  • Assisting unreached Ebola survivors through a mobile medical clinic and vocational training and business development. The latter will be complemented with Bible-based trauma healing to support survivors’ emotional and spiritual recovery.

Even as these initiatives restore health and dignity, “I never want to get so busy that we’re not focused on the Gospel,” said Kendall. “The answer to everything is the love of God and people’s response to it.”

You can make sure the recovery continues in Liberia—and people who need Christ experience His love and forgiveness—through your prayers and donations.

Ways you can help


Please pray for the physical, emotional and spiritual healing of Liberians impacted by the Ebola virus. Pray also for the efforts to keep Ebola from spreading again across West Africa.


Your financial gifts help to save lives where Samaritan’s Purse continues to educate Liberians on the dangers of Ebola, and the practical and effective hygiene methods that can help prevent another outbreak of this deadly virus. Your support will also help us in the significant recovery efforts needed to bring hope and healing for thousands Liberians whose lives were devastated by Ebola. Donate Here