Hospital Under Attack in South Sudan

Dr. Bior and his hospital staff recently faced gunfire from an anti-government group in South Sudan. Samaritan’s Purse is committed to Dr. Bior and the other South Sudanese-Canadian physicians, and to South Sudan itself.

South Sudan Relief Graphic

Dr. Mabior Nyuong Bior was conducting his normal rounds at Bor State Hospital in South Sudan a few days ago when he began hearing gunfire outside. Within minutes, bullets were flying through the hospital windows.

The attackers were trying to kill all of the hospital staff – including Dr. Bior – who trace their heritage back to South Sudan’s Dinka tribe. He and his Dinka colleagues tried to hide in the operating theater, but were soon forced to abandon the hospital and flee to a nearby forest for protection.

The 41-year-old physician went to Bor hospital and found dead bodies everywhere, plus extensive damage to medical and other equipment: “They destroyed everything.”

Soon, the anti-government marauders returned to the hospital—forcing Dr. Bior and his colleagues to flee again. They walked several hours during the night to a town where Samaritan’s Purse had arranged a plane to fly them and others to safety in Juba, South Sudan’s capital city.

What now? Dr. Bior is waiting for the violence to end so he and his colleagues can return to their hospital and rebuild it. Meanwhile, he received news his wife and 2 ½-year-old son are safe in an area north of Bor.

Dr. Bior needn’t continue making these sacrifices and risking his life in South Sudan. He is a Canadian citizen—one of about 15 doctors there who were forced while still children to flee South Sudan during its 20-year-civil war, made their way to refugee camps in Ethiopia, received medical educations in Cuba, then arrived in Canada as refugees before Samaritan’s Purse and the University of Calgary partnered in upgrading their medical educations and helping them return to South Sudan in 2008.

“I’m committed to the people of South Sudan,” he says. “They need my medical knowledge a lot more than do the people of Canada.”

Indeed, South Sudan has only a few dozen physicians for a population of about nine million.

Samaritan’s Purse is committed to Dr. Bior and the other South Sudanese-Canadian physicians, and to South Sudan itself. We have more than 800 employees there, including many serving in refugee camps along the northern border with Sudan. In the camps, Samaritan’s Purse is providing medical services and distributing life-saving food and water. Please support our work there through donations and prayer.

Ways you can help


Please pray for Dr. Bior, his colleagues, and family members. Pray for their protection and for good health. Also pray that God, who “even the wind and the sea obey,” would calm the storms in people’s hearts (Mark 4:41, ESV).


Your gift of any amount will help Samaritan’s Purse continue to provide food, water, and medical care to those victims suffering in South Sudan due to the current and other conflicts in the region. Donate Here