Earthquake in China

Samaritan’s Purse International, together with our church partners, is responding to a destructive earthquake in China.

China’s mountainous Sichuan province was rocked by a 6.6 magnitude earthquake on Saturday, April 20, killing close to 200 people and sending about 15,000 to hospitals.

Approximately two million people were affected—and our Christian church partners were some of the first to respond to the devastation.

“In Lushan County, there are a large number of collapsed or dangerous houses and buildings, which were split from the bottom to the roof,” said one of our partners. “Many people have no place to live.”

One church has opened its doors as a temporary shelter, receiving those affected by the quake and mobilizing believers to help deliver life-saving resources.

Church teams are driving carloads of bottled water, quilts, clothing, instant noodles, candles, medicine, and toiletries into the devastated communities. Tents are next on their list, along with more of the most-needed items: food, water, and medicine.

“The roads to the hit area are crowded, so it is very slow transporting relief materials in,” said our partner. “Materials are very short in Lushan now, so they may have to be purchased from other cities.”

Pastoral staff trained in search and rescue also participated in the effort to find survivors. Moving forward, the churches will continue to monitor the needs of those affected by the disaster and make plans for the distribution of medical services, counseling, and more resources.

“We ask for your continuous concern on those people influenced by this disaster, and thank you for your support,” said our partner.

Samaritan’s Purse International also responded to a massive earthquake in the same region of China that killed 70,000 people in 2008.

Earthquake in China 2

Ways you can help


Please pray for those affected by the earthquake, and for our partners who are working late into the night providing for victims’ needs.


Your gift will enable us to quickly and effectively help those suffering as a result of disasters around the world. For example, a donation of $65 can provide one hygiene kit (including soap, toothpaste, and toothbrushes) and one household kit (including a mosquito net, blanket, and water jug) to a family displaced by disaster. Donate Here