Flood Relief in Cambodia

Samaritan’s Purse responds to severe flooding in the Kratie province that has stranded thousands of families.

Thousands of families in Cambodia have been evacuated to higher ground due to severe flooding caused by monsoon rains and overflowing rivers, according to Cambodia’s National Committee for Disaster Management.

Cambodia1Many families’ stilted houses were destroyed by floodwater. The water devastated their subsistence crops and profitable crops, and washed out the road many villagers use to travel to health centers and to work in the factories. Pictured right, our teams load relief items to take to families.

Women and children are at high risk of malnutrition, and the people are drinking the floodwater. They are also bathing, using the restroom, washing livestock, and cleaning meat in this water—many without even boiling it.

Through our Cambodia offices, Samaritan’s Purse has launched a response in the Kratie province.

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Over the past week, our team has been working to meet the needs of hundreds of families who are stranded with no food, clean water, or adequate shelter.

Cambodia2Staff and local church volunteers took meals to over 300 families on a safety hill—a place of refuge for displaced families—and by boat to numerous families who were stranded in their houses. We are also distributing water cans, water filters and purification tabs, soap, and other emergency aid.

On Monday, we were able to provide boxes of food to 1,000 children. We also performed minor first aid on their infected mosquito bites and shared the Gospel with them. Children receive the word of Jesus Christ after Samaritan’s Purse distributes the food

Please pray for the families in Cambodia who are suffering from the floods and for our staff to help meet their physical and spiritual needs.

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Please pray that the Lord would comfort and strengthen victims of disaster, domestically and worldwide. Also lift up our Disaster Relief team; may they respond wisely and efficiently when disaster strikes, so that countless people may receive help in Jesus’ Name.


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