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Tens of thousands of Christians are among the more than 1.2 million people forced to flee for their lives in Iraq by the brutally violent militant group, Islamic State. The UN recently designated the situation a Level Three Emergency—the most severe possible rating for a humanitarian disaster.

We’re reaching out with the love of Christ to those who’ve run from Islamic State’s “convert-to-our-version-of-Islam-or-die” threats, and who desperately need food, shelter, water, and medical care.

Hundreds of thousands have sought refuge in the Kurdistan region, where we have a field office and where churches in the Kurdish capital of Erbil are partnering with us in welcoming and caring for refugees. We’ve set up hundreds of tents for displaced families and provided over 14,000 people with food. We’ve also distributed mattresses, cribs, baby clothes, shoes, pillows, and Bibles.

Your financial support and prayers are needed for us to continue ministering in Jesus’ Name to Iraq’s suffering families. Please give generously today by phoning 1-800-663-6500, visiting or mailing a cheque to the address below.

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Phone: 403-250-6565 / 1-800-663-6500
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Ways you can help


Please pray for peaceful political transition and an end to the violence in Iraq. Pray for the protection of Christians and others who are being threatened with death. Pray for many to be saved through the work of Samaritan’s Purse and our partners.


Your gift toward our projects in the Middle East will extend a loving, helping hand to those living in the midst of strife. Help families in this part of the world who have been displaced as a result of violent conflict and religious persecution receive the physical and spiritual aid they so desperately need to cope with the resulting poverty and trauma. Donate Here