Hope in the midst of turmoil

A clinic in Egypt serves the medical needs of refugee children and their families.

In Egypt, where thousands of families are seeking refuge from political conflict in North and East Africa, nine-month-old Meima* was brought to our Christian partner’s Well Baby Clinic in desperate need of help.

Meima needed a costly, life-saving heart surgery, but because her family hadn’t been granted refugee status, the bureaucratic red-tape of Cairo’s hospitals prevented her from getting it. Frantic and losing hope after visiting seven medical facilities, Meima’s mother brought her to our clinic and—because of your generous gifts—our team was able to help in the Name of Jesus Christ. 

Dr. Amin*, medical director of the Well Baby Clinic, understood the urgency: if Meima wasn’t given medical attention soon, she would die. She and her team immediately began providing the little girl with the medical care she critically needed to survive until the hospital issues could be resolved.

Our team is now helping Meima’s mother navigate the complicated processes that will help her become a registered refugee. Soon after that, the little girl should be able to have her surgery that will save her life, thanks to our partner’s assistance and your support. 

While the young family is waiting, Meima’s mother is receiving health education on topics ranging from nutrition to HIV/AIDS. Like many refugee parents who come to the clinic, this woman is learning how to help her child thrive and be healthy.

Meima’s story is just one of countless examples of how God is at work through the Well Baby Clinic. However, the clinic is becoming overwhelmed with patients.

“We need more staff and resources,” Dr. Amin reported, “so that we can respond to the growing numbers of children who need medical help.”

Please continue to help the refugees in Egypt. Your gifts are meeting the needs of families who have fled their war-torn countries, lost their homes and livelihoods, and are trying to survive in an unfamiliar and often hostile environment.

You can provide thousands more refugees with hope and a future. And when you do, we have opportunities to tell them about the Good News of Jesus Christ, who is the “light of the world” (John 9:5, NIV).

(*Names changed to protect privacy)

Ways you can help


Please pray for people who are displaced and unable to access health care. May God provide for their needs and comfort them in their affliction.


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