Churches helping families grow food in Asia

Samaritan's Purse is supporting churches in Asia so they can help their communities grow gardens of food.

Samaritan's Purse and our partners around the world are teaching pastors practical skills that are throwing open the doors for ministry in their communities.

With approximately one in five people worldwide suffering from chronic malnutrition and cyclical hunger, simple farming and gardening principles have huge potential to impact families both physically and spiritually. This is particularly true because the majority of these vulnerable people are already farmers with access to land. What they often lack is knowledge on how to restore the productivity of their soil, which crops to plant, and how to properly harvest and cook the food for their families.

A pastor from India named Prakash said his entire perspective on ministry changed as a result of agricultural training offered by Samaritan's Purse. 

"I realized that I do not need to have plenty of money so I can work for the Lord. If I have this small piece of land I can plant vegetables and other crops and raise farm animals, then the land will prosper and give glory to God."

Prakash continued that he is committed to teaching others what he has learned and that he "will use this training to share the Gospel with unbelievers."

In Nepal, Indonesia, Myanmar, and other parts of Asia, the generous support of Canadians is providing training in simple sustainable agriculture to more than 250 Christian leaders each year. Recognizing the abundance God has created in nature, these lessons show, for example, how to use local materials to create organic fertilizers and pesticides to increase crop yields.

Timoti, a recent trainee, said, "Before we were just worshipping God in the church…but the people in our community did not know what we were doing." He now has a mental picture of having a Bible in one hand and a hoe in the other. "If we teach this information to others, all people in the community will have a good view of our church."

Another pastor shared his idea of how he would put into practice what he had learned: "I have a vision to make garden beds in the shape of a cross. When it is time to harvest, I will invite my Buddhist neighbors to help and they will ask me what shape it is. This will give me the opportunity to share what Jesus did on the cross for them!"

See how Samaritan's Purse is helping families provide food for themselves in Cambodia.

Gardening help from Samarian's Purse allows people in Mongolia to farm sustainably, providing food and income for their families. 

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Thank God for the opportunity to partner with pastors and Christian leaders in Asia. Please pray that God will guide and provide for them as they proclaim the message of the Gospel in their communities.


Your gift of $100 will help deliver training in simple, sustainable agriculture practices to Christian leaders in Asia. Your support will empower them to reach their communities with God's love, through practical training. Donate Here