Help for Nepal's suffering medical patients

Samaritan’s Purse is working with a local partner in Nepal to guide those suffering from disease and disability through the medical care system.

In Nepal, burns are the 11th leading cause of death for children between ages 1 and 9. Fortunately Sabal*--only five months old when he was burned--escaped with his life.

Like in many rural households, Sabal's mother was using an open fire in their kitchen to prepare food. Attracted by the fire's warmth and color, Sabal somehow managed to get into it when his mom went outside to fetch water.

His father Bandhu* heard Sabal's screams and pulled him out of the fire-but not before his legs were severely burned.

Taken to a local health clinic, Sabal received treatment for his burns, but grew up unable to walk. When hospital workers saw Sabal crawling across a playground several years later, they managed to convince Bandhu-a traditional healer-to bring him to a mission hospital in Kathmandu.

But for impoverished families living in Nepal's remote mountain regions, going to the bustling city of Kathmandu to get a serious illness or condition treated is a daunting undertaking. Thanks to your generous donations, Samaritan's Purse is supporting a local church ministry that can make it happen. And with your help, this ministry can expand and assist even more people.

Bandhu and Sabal were able to travel to Kathmandu and stay with our local church partner, which cares for Nepal's poor, ill, and disabled. Their 'Patient Navigators' ministry serves people just like Bandhu and Sabal who have been referred to hospitals in Kathmandu.

Staff members ensure that appropriate medical care is received, while the church community welcomes these patients and supports them while they receive treatment.

All the while, our church partner provides for their emotional and physical needs--providing food and lodging, accompanying them to the hospital, and getting necessary medicines. Patients and their families experience the love of God in very practical ways. Many return to their isolated villages transformed and excited to share their new lives with others.

Bandhu was no different.

Upset at first to be surrounded by Christians, Bandhu's heart softened as he and Sabal received counseling, attended church services, and fellowshipped with believers.

"Jesus never discriminates [against] us," says Bandhu. "When I was a traditional healer, I had to make spirits happy to perform my work, but when I didn't make them happy, the spirits gave me problems-but Jesus continually loves us."

Sabal's right leg was amputated below the knee and his left leg reconstructed. He was given an orthotic leg, and after several weeks of in-hospital physiotherapy, became a modern-day walking miracle.

"I am so happy that now my son can walk, which I had never imagined," says Bandhu.

To the delight of our church partner staff, Sabal walked in from the gate upon his return from the hospital. Since that joyous day, Bandhu and Sabal have continued to visit the hospital for regular check-ups on Sabal's orthotic leg - again, thanks to your partnership with us.

Now, for the first time Sabal is able to walk normally, albeit slowly, to school--and has even started playing soccer with his friends.

*Names changed for privacy

Ways you can help


Please pray that our local partner in Nepal would be blessed and strengthened as they minister to people spiritually, physically, and emotionally.


Samaritan’s Purse Medical Care Projects are saving lives around the world. For example, your gift of $765 can pay the cost of one patient’s medical treatment in Nepal, including transportation, medicine, food, and lodging. Donate Here