Saving the lives of mothers and babies in the Philippines

A maternity clinic in the Philippines is providing compassionate medical care to tribal mothers and babies in Jesus’ Name.

Three months after John was delivered at our partner’s maternity clinic in the Philippines, he returned with an eye so swollen that even the medical staff was shocked.

John’s delivery itself was like a miracle in a region where countless mothers and newborns die because of childbirth complications at home. The baby’s only health concern appeared to be a simple eye infection.

But three months later, John was back.

An incorrect diagnosis by a doctor in the region caused John’s left eye to go untreated—it was painfully enlarged. Without medical assistance, the baby would lose both eyes. John’s mother was desperate for help.

“He only cries and sleeps,” she told the clinic staff. “He is in so much pain.” John needed to see a specialist in Manila, but his family couldn’t afford to make the 500-kilometer journey to the country’s capital city.

“My heart almost broke to see this sweet little boy hurting,” said Georgia Macad, the director of the maternity clinic.“With the help of Samaritan’s Purse Canada we decided to take on his case and get him the help he needed.”

With your support and our partner’s help, John’s family was able to travel to Manila. There, a doctor diagnosed the baby’s condition as congenital glaucoma and agreed to do the vital surgery for a reduced rate. Praise God, who “works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed” (Psalm 103:6, NIV).

“The family is so thankful for your help,” Macad said. “Without your support, John would still be in excruciating pain and would have eventually lost the use of both eyes.”

Today, the critical and ongoing medical needs of children like John and their families are being met through our partner’s maternity clinic. Pregnant mothers are now receiving compassionate pre- and postnatal care, and women are being trained as midwives for their communities.  

Your gifts are saving lives.

Yet there are many who suffer or even die without medical care in this region. Unfortunately, during John’s most recent check-up at the maternity center, Macad found out the pressure in the baby’s eye is building again. There is no other option except another surgery. 

Such are the complexities and realities of child health problems around the world. Please continue to help in Jesus’ Name. 

Ways you can help


Please pray for tribal peoples like John and his family, for whom medical care is so often unreachable and unaffordable. Lift up those who have not yet come to know Jesus Christ, who is “the true light that gives light to every man” (John 1:9, NIV).


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