Food, fun, and safety for children in Nicaragua

Samaritan’s Purse is partnering with Verbo Sur Church in Managua, Nicaragua to equip families and share God’s love with neighborhood children through Sunday School classes and food, fun activities, and safe child care.

In Managua, Nicaragua, the Gonzelez family is significantly impacted by the programs provided by Samaritan's Purse through Verbo Sur Church. Five-year old Yuridia Gonzalez has attended the children's feeding program for a few years, which is helpful as her parents only earn US$182 per month to support their family of five.

Yuridia does not have satisfactory medical care, clothing, schooling, or recreation, but her parents know she at least is receiving the nutrition she needs through the church's feeding program.

A good student who can already read, Yuridia recently completed a 12-lesson discipleship program that introduces children to God's love for them. The program workers are thankful that with support from generous Samaritan's Purse donors, Yuridia and many other children like her are able to have their physical and their spiritual needs met through partners such as Verbo Sur Church. 

Samaritan's Purse is partnering with Verbo Sur Church to equip families and share God's love with neighborhood children. From Bible Club and Sunday School classes to providing breakfast, dental care, marriage counseling, and spiritual guidance, the church is impacting its community for Christ by caring for more than 200 children and their parents.

Ways you can help


Please pray for churches like Verbo Sur Church in Nicaragua, who are serving their communities in Christ's name. Please pray that God will guide and provide for them as they proclaim the message of the Gospel in their neighborhood.


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