Khin Khin receives an Operation Christmas Child shoebox

Khin Khin received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox at a New Delhi refugee camp, and now packs shoeboxes with her church in Winnipeg.

"Everybody thought receiving the shoebox was the best thing that ever happened in our life."

That's a memory 18 year-old Khin Khin has of her time living in India as a refugee from Burma, waiting to be transferred to a new country. "Not only receiving gifts from someone we had never seen, but reading the letter of encouragement. It was amazing and unforgettable."

Khin Khin was eleven when a church near her temporary home in a New Delhi refugee camp distributed Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes to the children there.

"I received some coloring books, pencils, crayons, a notebook, a letter, and a photo of the girl who sent the shoebox," she says. Khin Khin carried that photo with her when her family was chosen to resettle in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This autumn, she and others at her church in downtown Winnipeg are preparing to send gift-filled Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes to children around the world living in situations of war, poverty, disease, and natural disaster.

"Receiving the shoebox made me realize how a Christian should give for others," she says. "Some children might not have people who care for them, so for them, it's encouragement to know they still have other people who care for them and that God is always there for them when they don't have anybody else."

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Ways you can help


Pray that every child who receives an Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift will hear and know how much God loves them.


Help Samaritan’s Purse go beyond the shoebox and expand assistance to children, their families, and their communities. Donate Here