Clean water saves children from death and disease in Ethiopia

BioSand Water Filters bring health to the homes of more than 16,000 families in Ethiopia.

As a mother of eight, Gitu Lekebuo knows the joys-and risks-of raising children in Bochesa, Ethiopia.

One of the risks is drinking contaminated water. It is like poison that can cause even the healthiest of children to succumb to diarrhea, malnutrition, and disease.

"Many children died from drinking the river straight," said Gitu. Her own children, ranging in age from 12 to 18 years old, have been more fortunate. They've enjoyed better health thanks to Canadians' generous donations that brought a BioSand Water Filter into their home.

That filter is one of over 16,400 that Samaritan's Purse Canada has installed in Ethiopia since 1999 through a local Christian partner. And with your financial partnership, we can help many more families. Through the water filter, the dirty river water Gitu collects several times a day is transformed into clean, drinkable water-the kind Canadians enjoy without a moment's thought.

Gitu is grateful for the BioSand Water Filter and also for the essential health and hygiene training that's always part of a Samaritan's Purse water project. "We didn't know any of this education [about how] to be healthy," she said. Their laundry now comes clean, and they are diligent at hand-washing and being sanitary-but most importantly-"You've saved us from death," said Gitu.

Sujari is a woman from another Ethiopian village called Dodecha, where farmland is lush thanks to wells that for generations have supplied water for irrigation and consumption.

Unfortunately, while the water is great for irrigation, it isn't fit for drinking. The sinister effects of its high fluoride content are evident in children's smiles and adults' statures: tooth decay, and, after long-term exposure, bone density deterioration.

Sujari walks hunch-backed and full of pain as a result of drinking the contaminated water. But since receiving a BioSand Water Filter over a year ago, she's happy that her nine children won't suffer the same way.

Through Samaritan's Purse health and hygiene education, she learned the dangers of consuming well-water in her community, and the benefits of using surface water filtered through BioSand Water Filters instead. She now understands that surface water contains less fluoride while filters kill the disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and parasites that would otherwise ruin families' health.

"I am thankful that the filter provides safe water for my family. Before, we had no choice," said Sujari.

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Ways you can help


Please pray for families in Ethiopia and around the world, that more households would receive life-saving filters so children can grow up healthy.


Your gift of $150 can bring a BioSand Water Filter, and health and hygiene training, into the home of a family suffering from the effects of drinking contaminated water. Donate Here