“This is, indeed, a great thing to happen”

A drought-ravaged village gains safe, clean water because of the financial partnership of Canadians

A year ago, having convenient access to clean water was only a dream for the Kumbi community. One kilometer from the village, a shallow well was their nearest water source, but the supply was limited and could be easily contaminated by ranging livestock and open defecation.   

Tana River, the region of Kenya that the Kumbi community calls home, is a drought-prone area. Many people are forced to walk up to 35 kilometers a day to collect water. Safe water is virtually non-existent.

In 2011, a severe drought and famine affected millions in the region. That’s why Samaritan’s Purse rushed to help.

Since we began partnering with the Kumbi community—thanks to the generosity of Canadians like you—that village’s dream to have water closer to home has come true. 

At first, as a temporary solution to the devastating drought, we trucked emergency water into the village to a storage tank. Then, because of your partnership, we were able to repair their broken-down well and install a piping system that carries chlorinated water to several taps throughout the Kumbi community. We are also providing health and hygiene training so that families understand the importance of using clean water and practicing good hygiene.

“This is, indeed, a great thing to happen to this village,” said one of our Kenyan staff members. “These people not only have a clean, free water supply that is guaranteed throughout the day, but they also have it delivered right to their doorsteps.”

Though they’d seen the plan on paper, many community members couldn’t believe it when they heard the water gushing into a local storage tank—much less flowing freely from each tap. They jumped up and down in jubilation, and the whoops of joyous women could be heard renting the air.

Soon, a ceremony will celebrate the handing over of responsibility for the water supply to the village water committee that we’ve trained. The partnership of people like you has equipped the Kumbi community with the resources they need to survive long after Samaritan’s Purse leaves.

This village is just one of many that we have supported during times of drought. But in Tana River, nearly half the population still does not have access to clean water.

That’s why your financial partnership is critical.

Your gifts will help our Kenyan staff continue to address communities’ water needs and provide life-saving health and hygiene training. Please pray for and donate to help the people of Tana River.

Our prayer is that their water needs will not only be met, but that they will also come to know that “the Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble” (Psalm 9:9-10, NIV).

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Please pray that more and more communities will gain access to clean water and be open to hearing about Christ’s love for them.


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