6,000 Water Filters in El Salvador and Counting

Families in El Salvador are experiencing the health and spiritual benefits of BioSand Water Filters.

Genaro used to travel for an hour on his bicycle every day for just one jug of water; without it, his family couldn’t survive.  

Though he and his wife, Magdalene, had a well near their home, the water was full of bacteria and unsafe to drink. Magdalene was even afraid to bathe her children in the disease-ridden water.

These young parents are among more than 6,000 families who have received BioSand Water Filters from Samaritan’s Purse in El Salvador. Because of your help, Genaro no longer has to make that time and energy-consuming journey, and Magdalene can bathe her children in clean water.

“I thank the Lord every day for my filter!” the young mother told us. Just 22 years old, she and her family will have clean water for years to come.

Your gifts are not only improving the health of people in El Salvador—they are also having a spiritual impact.

Another recipient named Marcos, 61, told our partners that the filter project strengthened his faith in God. When we began working in his community, he was encouraged by the training sessions and movie nights that our team hosted in order to share the Gospel.

Today, Marcos and his wife, Dolores, are receiving physical and spiritual nourishment because of your support. And their seven children are too!

Both the young and the old are benefitting in El Salvador because of your generosity.

Jose is 97 years old, and his wife, Maria, is 87. For nearly their entire lives, they’ve been drinking bacteria-ridden water and have often been sick.

Because of your support, Jose and Maria now have a BioSand Water Filter. Today, they are enjoying some of the best stomach health they’ve ever had!

In the developing world, a filter can make the difference between sickness and health, and in extreme cases, even life and death. 

Please join us as we serve the millions more who still don’t have that option. As we serve in Jesus’ Name, our prayer is that these people in need will come to know Jesus Christ, who is “the spring of living water” (Jer. 17:13, NIV).

Ways you can help


Please pray for the families around the world who struggle against sickness and death because of unclean water. May God equip the Body of Christ to provide for their needs, so that they may come to know the One who “bestows rain on the earth” (Job 5:10, NIV).


A gift of $150 can provide a BioSand Water Filter to a family in need in Africa, Asia, or Latin America. Please continue to support Samaritan’s Purse water initiatives, which are serving others in Jesus’ Name, “so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ” (I Peter 4:11, NIV). Donate Here