Samaritan's Purse Water Projects

About 842,000 people are dying each year from diarrheal diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation and hygiene. That means a death every 37.5 seconds. But Samaritan's Purse Water Projects are saving lives through safe water.

Millions of people in the developing world have no choice but to drink, cook, and clean with contaminated water. The impact on their health is devastating. Someone—usually a child—dies from water-related diseases every 37 seconds.

Samaritan's Purse, using donations from you, our generous donors, is tackling this issue through water projects in 30 countries that have already provided clean water to more than 1.46 million people. There is still so much more to do, however, and we need your help to provide more people with life-saving clean water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Simple, Canadian-designed BioSand Water Filters are one of the most effective tools that Samaritan's Purse uses. These long-lasting household filters remove up to 99 per cent of all contaminants, turning dirty water from ponds, rivers, and ditches into clear, drinkable water. We have partnered with churches and Christian organizations to improve the health of more than 200,000 families with these filters.

In some regions there simply is no water available, so we work with local partners to drill wells or build rainwater reservoirs and storage tanks. We also provide millions of liters of clean water to refugees and victims suffering through emergency disaster situations, whether by drilling wells, setting up emergency water filters, or trucking in life-saving water.

There is more to making our water projects a success. That's why we also teach families about how to store water safely, construct latrines, and practice good hand washing. These lessons work together with the wells, filters, storage tanks, and reservoirs we provide to transform villages in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. None of this would be possible without sacrificial giving by Canadians from coast to coast.


Ways you can help


Please pray that millions more people would be provided with the clean water they need to experience good health.


Thank you for supporting our water projects around the globe. Your gift of $150 can, for example, provide a BioSand Water Filter to a family thirsting for clean water. Donate Here